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Are you are sick of misinformed interventions? Are you tired of being promised overnight results? Are you confused about what works best to build lifelong healthy habits? If the answer is yes, then this is the place for you!

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In the free 5-day Bite Sized Habits challenge, you’re going to walk away with the tools you need to start creating healthy habits that stick. Get the evidence-based, research-backed blueprint for making lasting positive changes in your life.

Newsflash: Find out how health comes from knowledge, kindness and good habits...

Media: 5 ways to create healthy habits that last all of 2022 (and beyond)

Guest Podcast - Realistic Nutrition Podcast

Bite Sized Habits Newsflash - Find out how health comes from knowledge, kindness and good habits...

“First, we make our habits, then our habits make us‚Äč” John Dryden Something to watch This is a bit nerdy but for those interested in the behavioural science behind goal progress, this video demonstrates the goal gradient hypothesis which shows that motivation increases the closer we get to an accomplishment or reward. One way we harness this to our advantage is by structuring our goals with the gold gradient in mind. Not starting out with a mountain to climb (i.e. setting…

Media: Sober Curiosity

Guest Podcast: Vibrant Lives Podcast with Amanda Hayes

Bite Sized Habits Newsflash - Part 3 Creating Rewarding Habits

Media: I've gained weight since I started my new relationship. How do I get it under control?

Bite Sized Habits Newsflash - Part 2 Creating Rewarding Habits

Guest Podcast: The Nutritalk Podcast with Abby Attenborough

Bite Sized Habits Newsflash - Part 1 Creating Rewarding Habits

Special Feature - Why we need to change how we think about exercise and weight loss

Bite Sized Habits Newsflash - Positive Truths

Media: The Working Women's Guide To... Avoiding Burnout

Guest Podcast: How the Fork do we build Healthy Habits?

Bite Sized Habits Newsflash - Novelty

Guest Podcast: Building Better Humans

Bite Sized Habits Newsflash - The Kaizen Incremental Improvements Principle‚Äč

Bite Sized Habits Podcast

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