"I do not believe in a one-size-fits–all approach, each person has their own unique set of barriers to living their healthiest life."

Hi I’m Dr. Heather McKee 

I am a habit coach and health behaviour change specialist, consultant, lecturer, speaker and founder of drheathermckee.co.uk (oh and I’m also a total research geek!)

My passion for health-related behaviour change was sparked whilst running a healthy lifestyle clinic for hospital staff. I wanted to know why well-intentioned people, although they had all the resources they needed – a gym, nutritional plans etc., still weren’t able to stick to their goals?! To find out, I began sitting with every client to discover what is holding them back? From there I became hooked on the psychology behind this, what motivates people to adopt and stick with their healthy goals?

In 2013 I completed my PhD in weight-loss psychology. My research was focused on discovering the key strategies for long term weight-loss success and how to build these strategies to help people stick with their goals, without dieting. It wasn’t until my published studies were released to the mainstream media and I had an influx of inquiries, that I saw the potential interest in my work, outside of the world of research. It was then I realised the importance of sharing my message, to extend it beyond the realms of academia so others could learn evidence-based ways to build habits that last a lifetime. So I founded drheathermckee.co.uk

Ultimately, my business was born out of frustration with the current field, how people are being offered ineffective quick fixes and fad diets that are impossible to sustain long term. The evidence base that I studied as a researcher was nowhere to be seen in common practice.

Even in well-intentioned programmes people were being given the ingredients i.e. the exercise and diet plans, but not being given the skills or the method (behaviour change psychology) in which to learn how to embed these ingredients into their lives. I believe there needs to be an evidence-based alternative to this.

"I believe that coaching is all about collaboration. Therefore it's important for you to know that I am the right person to help you achieve your goals and stay there."

My Mission

What drives me is helping people just like you change how they view getting healthy.

Helping you to see that weight loss/health gain doesn’t have to be about restriction and deprivation but rather about setting up your own specific, yet effective system of habits. Habits that are kinder, more enjoyable, that allow you to live a balanced life and ultimately contribute towards you becoming the healthiest and happiest version of yourself.

I now do this through my flagship Habit Changer coaching programme, where I give you the specific tools you need to build your healthy habit system, get the mindset for success and stay there, without dieting or deprivation.

"My mission is to help you to build healthy habits using research-driven methods. I want you to break free of restriction and finally find freedom and joy in your healthy habits."


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