Creating evidence-based health and wellness programmes for your customers and employees


I work with companies that are both at the beginning of their journey and those that are currently developing a well-being product/app or service for their customers. These are companies that want to build strong foundations in their health programme or digital wellness offering, ensuring they are providing a service or product that is evidence-based and thus most effective in supporting their customer's long-term health changes.

My range of services include

  • Behavioural audits of new or existing services/products/digital programmes (more detail below)
  • Design and delivery of health-related behaviour change programmes
  • Enhancement of existing programmes to improve employee/customer outcomes
  • Project or launch based consultancy 
  • Workshop series design and delivery
  • Digital health behaviour change design and delivery
  • Bespoke employee training in behaviour change practices to support their team in long-term healthy habit change
  • Train the trainer programmes
  • Evidence-based reviews
  • Evaluation guidance – both qualitative and quantitative
  • Training in motivational interviewing


What I offer

I offer 3 main consultancy packages as well as project-based consultancy.

The Design Audit (for a new programme)

Do you want to build an evidence-based wellness programme that creates lasting change?

I support companies who have no prior experience of behaviour change in creating a product or service that will be most effective at bringing about healthy lifestyle behaviour changes. This design audit will create an evidence-based blueprint from which you can create an impactful and lasting wellbeing offering.

Example activities: Pinpointing behavioural barriers and enablers to entry to your programme/product, creating a behavioural map and identifying research-backed behaviour change techniques to employ (and if required an evaluation framework).

Deliverable: 30-minute phone call to understand what success looks like for you, a 3 hour in-person or digital workshop to create your companies behavioural map and a follow-up report and a 30-minute call detailing the recommended next steps to create a research-informed offering that works maximise the outcomes of your future wellbeing programme/product.

The Enhance Audit (for an existing programme)

Do you want to enhance uptake or adherence to your wellness offering?

The Enhance Audit examines how to close the gaps in your wellbeing programme/product, looking for barriers and opportunities to increase engagement and creating a research-backed journey to support ongoing change. The Enhance audit will create an evidence-based blueprint from which you can increase uptake and long-term engagement in your wellbeing programme.

Key activities are based on your companies goals, and can include: Pinpointing behavioural barriers and enablers to entry, creating a behavioural map, examining language to ensure its motivationally consistent and identifying research-backed behaviour change techniques to employ (and if relevant an evaluation plan).

Deliverable: 30-minute scoping call to understand your priorities for the audit, 2 hours of review of wireframes/app/programme layout/specific element of your programme a 2 hour in-person or digital workshop and report and a 30-minute call detailing the recommended next steps to create a behaviourally consistent programme that works to maximise the outcomes of your wellbeing programme.

Train your team

Are you or your team struggling to support the individuals you work with to create lasting changes in their health?

I design and deliver evidence-based behaviour change training to support you in building the skills, knowledge and confidence to deliver a wellbeing programme that creates sustainable behaviour change.

Behaviour change training for those running a wellbeing programme

  • Wellbeing champion/employee training
  • The aim of this training is to enhance behaviour change skills, communication and support so that you can best promote and support your company’s current offering from within the workplace to help create lasting changes to your employee’s health.

Behaviour change training for health and wellness professionals

  • For health professionals such as nutritionists, physiotherapists, personal trainers and those working in the wellbeing space.
  • The aim of this training is to add to client experience, adherence and outcomes. 
  • It can also help to target specific populations or groups of clients that have adherence problems. 
  • The content level would be the equivalent of a third-year BSc/Masters level training in behaviour change.  

Additional Services

Do you wish to create digital copy that best motivates healthy lifestyle changes?

Communication/Language Support

I offer motivational language support in both digital and print communication: which includes revising health based communications, nudge, motivation or nurture email sequences to ensure the language used is consistent with behaviour change theories (self-determination theory and the language of motivational interviewing) that best support sustainable health changes.

Do you want to evaluate if your programme is actually creating the changes you wish for it to make?

Evaluation design

I advise on and create evidence-based evaluations to capture the effectiveness of existing and future programmes. This includes recommending evaluation measures and building in process and outcome-based evaluations to support companies in demonstrating the effectiveness of employee wellbeing programmes.

Do you want the latest evidence-based updates that can help enhance your existing wellbeing offering?

Evidence Report

A bespoke monthly, quarterly or yearly summary of the latest findings in the field of health-related behaviour change, employee wellbeing and intervention science, with a direct translation of how these findings could apply to your company to maximise both your current engagement and future work. 

"Heather has so generously contributed to so many areas of our work this year, her thoughtful feedback and insights have allowed us to evolve our work and product in profound and impactful ways. I speak on behalf of all of us when I say we can’t imagine having done it without her unique, informed perspective and diverse voice. She has made an incredible amount of impact on our work in a small amount of time and we are so grateful for her."

Sara Rice, lululemon HQ

"When you work with Dr Heather McKee you know you are in the presence of a true professional. You cannot ignore the passion she has for her field of behaviour change, especially around healthy living. She is committed to making sure that you -- client, patient or project partner -- understand the key facts, appreciate the context and embrace the decisions you made together."

Edna Kissman, CEO The Wonder of Me

"Heather’s academic and applied understanding of behavioural psychology has been invaluable in helping us mould our proposition to the corporate wellbeing market over the last 12 months. Heather was a perfect fit with our culture; enthusiastic, diligent and highly skilled in everything that she does. We look forward to working with Heather on future projects"

Richard Westman, CEO KAIDO

"Heather's practical knowledge and expertise around behaviour change have been an enormous value-add for the Welltodo audience. By incorporating her tools and insights into our course curriculum, we were able to add a whole new layer of credibility. Heather is professional, reliable and an absolute pleasure to work with!"

Lauren Armes, CEO Welltodo

"Heather is a ninja when it comes to behaviour change, and a delight to work with. She has been invaluable to BetterSpace in working out how to nudge people into more mentally health lifestyles."



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