"Success is never a big step taken in the future, success is a small step taken right now"

Jonatan Mårtensson

Case Studies

Below are three in-depth examples to display a range of my current and past consultancy work. I’d be happy to provide contact details of the relevant individuals for personal references.

Kaido - Digital Corporate Wellness Programme

[2016 - present]

The mission

Support a digital corporate wellness programme to improve employee wellbeing

My role

Design and delivery of a behaviour change informed digital health platform, that would be distributed to various clients including Danone, Muller, NHS, KPMG


  • This involved a behaviour change audit; integrating the latest findings from the behaviour change field into the company’s user journey in order to support lasting changes and positive health outcomes.
  • Artificial intelligence design and language support, embedding behaviourally supportive language in all communications.
  • Design of a digital behaviour change support programme.


  • Delivery of a bespoke habit change webinar series and a series of interactive online workshops over a 2 year period. Including blog insights, email campaign and video content on; habit science, motivation, evidence-based goal setting for health behaviours, mindfulness, positive psychology, health environment change in the workplace and behavioural maintenance.


  • Creating bespoke rapid evidence reviews based on the company’s areas of interest. This involved translating the latest evidence from behavioural and implementation science into relevant insights to be used to inform the structure and delivery of the programme.
  • Creating relevant blog content to support ongoing delivery.


"Heather’s academic and applied understanding of behavioural psychology has been invaluable in helping Kaido mould its proposition to the corporate wellbeing market over the last 12 months. As a business that prides itself on its people, Heather was a perfect fit with the Kaido culture; enthusiastic, diligent and highly skilled in everything that she does. We look forward to working with Heather on future projects"
- Richard Westman, CEO KAIDO

More information can be found here: https://kaido.org/

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