"Success is never a big step taken in the future, success is a small step taken right now"

Jonatan Mårtensson

Case Studies

Below are three in-depth examples to display a range of my current and past consultancy work. I’d be happy to provide contact details of the relevant individuals for personal references.

The Wonder of Me - Social enterprise

The mission

Turn the tide on childhood obesity

My role

Design a behaviour change lead programme that supports children in socially deprived areas engage with their health in order to develop lifetime healthy habits.


  • Working with a team of game designers and health experts, to design and deliver a behaviourally informed programme of work. Including behavioural nudges, and a behaviourally informed computer game design.
  • Designing and supporting a process and outcome-based research evaluation to support the implementation and outcomes of the programme and support research team in the delivery and analysis of the programme.
  • Designing programme materials for delivery to ensure they are behaviour change consistent.
  • Designing evidence-based scaffolding materials including health behaviour change skill development workshops for children, parents and teachers.


  • A literature review of key enablers and barriers in the client cohort.
  • A literature review of best evidence-based behaviour change practices to embed in the programme.
  • Ongoing behaviour change consultancy support to the team.
  • Designing scaffolding materials to contain behaviour change consistent language.


"When you work with Dr Heather McKee you know you are in the presence of a true professional. You cannot ignore the passion she has for her field of behaviour change, especially around food and healthy living. But she goes beyond advising on the basis of what she already knows. She continues to learn and develop her own knowledge, and at the same time, she is equally committed to making sure that you -- client, patient or project partner -- understand the key facts, appreciate the context and embrace the decisions you made together.

She is a born teacher and a determined task master wrapped up in intellectual curiosity, the pursuit of excellence, empathy for you and pride in your success in reaching goals, all delivered with the nicest of smiles, a relaxed manner and a calmness which is very inspiring. Heather's presence and contribution has a calming effect because you trust her and you therefore enjoy working together."
- Edna Kissman CEO of The Wonder of Me

More information can be found here: http://thewonderofme.com/

Published on 9th Apr 2019 at 12:14 by Dr. Heather McKee


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