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Episode 8: Trying to stick with your goals? Why values matter


After living a party lifestyle for quite some time Amy started to feel things were out of place, she wasn’t eating well, sleeping well, she felt she was drinking and smoking too much and this was starting to have a negative impact not only on her studies but on both her physical and mental health too.

In this episode Amy, a certified Integrative Wellness & Life Coach, discusses how through a series of small changes and mindset shifts she managed to gain back control of her health. What is really magical about this journey is how Amy used her core values as her guiding light. How prior to making a decision she would check in with these values and see if what she was doing was in line with what she wanted to be and who she was.

Amy talks about how she made her transition moving away from an all or nothing mindset an how she cultivated more balance and consistency in her life.

In this episode you will learn:

·      Why taking a holistic approach to your health, rather than a weight loss approach is more beneficial to long term success

·       Importance of shifting from a ‘ how do I fix myself’ mindset to a ‘how do I support myself mindset’

·      The importance of taking an objective point of view on your health – are your unhealthy habits symptoms of something bigger? Are they a result of you not living in line with your core values?

·      The importance of setting up your physical and social environment to support your values

Key questions to ask yourself based on this episode:

·       What is your reference point for decisions about your health?

·       What are your core values? The 3-5 things that guide who you are and the way in which you live your life

·       Can you create your own mantra to help you keep in line with these?

Amy provides an amazingly accessible way to keep your long term goals in mind, live life the way you want it and help avoid unnecessary temptation. I absolutely loved Amy’s take on creating a values mantra that guides your health decisions it is a hugely useful tool and I strongly encourage you to use this episode as a catalyst to reflect on and define what guides your day to day health behaviours.



You can find out more about Amy and her amazing programmes to help women get back to their happiest and healthiest self here:


Amy also has a beautiful Instagram account here:


If you’d like to know more about cultivating a self-kindness habit you can read how to get started on the Bite Sized Habits blog

We talk a lot about the importance of acting in line with your values in this episode and to help you learn more about this I have created a PDF guide to support you in creating your own unique values to help you get the mindset for success and stay there. To get this PDF simply email me at info@drheathermckee.co.uk


Published on 25th Sep 2018 at 06:30 by Heather McKee

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