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Episode 12: How to live more positively

Despite all the time and energy Charlotte put into ‘fixing herself’ physically through diet and exercise she remained hounded by fatigue, food intolerances, repeated injuries and chronic stress.

Out of sheer desperation and at her doctor’s advice she decided to try meditation.

Interestingly, over the course of a few weeks of mediating she started to feel a whole lot better. This intrigued Charlotte, so she began investigating the science behind mediation to understand why and how these changes were occurring.

Through her organisation Step -inside charlotte shares the key inisghts from her own journey as well as the latest research from the world of positive psychology to help both individuals and workplaces thrive.

In this episode Charlotte details how, she turned a huge challenge into a possibility. She describes exactly how she developed her positive mental health habits and gives some actionable insights into the ways in which you can cultivate these habits in your life, starting today.


In this episode you will learn:

·      How your physical health habits may not be best thing for your mind

·      Why gratitude is a science not just hippie folklore

·      How if we focus on our individual character strengths we can improve everything from our income to our performance at work

·      You will also learn, Charlottes amazingly innovative way of cultivating gratitude every day


Key questions to ask yourself based on this episode:

  • How do you become more in tune with what your mind needs?
  • How can you experiment with ways to take care of your mind?
  • Can you write down 3 things a night that you are grateful for?
  • Or can you write down 3-character strengths that you possess that you are grateful for on a daily basis? For example, I had the courage to send that challenging email, I had the patience to not snap at my child

I’ve been lucky enough to attend one of Charlotte’s mindfulness course and experience first-hand her expert and insightful teaching. And so I was keen to have her come on and share her insights. And you are in for a real treat with this episode as it is full to the brim with actionable insights that not only enhance your mental health but also take no time at all to implement into your life.



·      Charlotte’s organisation is https://step-inside.org/

·      You can find all of her recommended positive psychology resources including books, apps, and websites here: https://step-inside.org/-resources/

·      You can get in contact with her direct by emailing: charlotte@step-inside.org



Published on 4th Dec 2018 at 07:00 by Heather McKee

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