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Case Study - Making Stick products with values in MinDD

MinDD is a pioneering LA based intimates company that focuses on the D+ customer. Their philosophy is if your bra is on your mind, it's probably not working for you. The inspirational founder Helena Kaylin created MINDD to serve the underserved and truly cares that her customer is seen and heard.


MINDD approached me for a consultancy project as they wanted to better understand their customers motivations in order to better meet their needs. Together we ran a research project exploring the behavioural drivers and needs of their customers.

  • This research set out to discover: Their customer’s needs and values, how these show up for them, how are we already fulfilling these needs and where the gaps are, and how these needs and values influence their customers decision making.
  • Our goal was to explore these needs and create a behavioural framework to ensure we can capture basic needs in ways that translate into product design and marketing.
  • Key activities included: running focus groups and interviews with a range of customers, and performing a thematic analysis on their customer feedback, reviews and socials.
  • The outcome was a behavioural framework which mapped their customers motives, enablers and barriers and recommendations for how MinDD can support customers’ needs and values in future product/marketing decision making

"Working with Dr. Heather was an experience unlike any focus group, or research initiative, we have done before. Her methodology for connecting with customers, in MINDD’s case, women of varying ages, backgrounds, and histories, was so insightful. It’s very hard to get customers to open up, and she made everyone feel seen, heard, and understood. We are extremely grateful for everything we learned during our short time together."  Helena - MinDD CEO


Published on 1st Jul 2022 at 10:13 by Dr Heather McKee

"Heather has so generously contributed to so many areas of our work this year, her thoughtful feedback and insights have allowed us to evolve our work and product in profound and impactful ways. I speak on behalf of all of us when I say we can’t imagine having done it without her unique, informed perspective and diverse voice. She has made an incredible amount of impact on our work in a small amount of time and we are so grateful for her."

Sara Rice, lululemon HQ

"When you work with Dr Heather McKee you know you are in the presence of a true professional. You cannot ignore the passion she has for her field of behaviour change, especially around healthy living. She is committed to making sure that you -- client, patient or project partner -- understand the key facts, appreciate the context and embrace the decisions you made together."

Edna Kissman, CEO The Wonder of Me

"Heather’s academic and applied understanding of behavioural psychology has been invaluable in helping us mould our proposition to the corporate wellbeing market over the last 12 months. Heather was a perfect fit with our culture; enthusiastic, diligent and highly skilled in everything that she does. We look forward to working with Heather on future projects"

Richard Westman, CEO KAIDO

"Heather's practical knowledge and expertise around behaviour change have been an enormous value-add for the Welltodo audience. By incorporating her tools and insights into our course curriculum, we were able to add a whole new layer of credibility. Heather is professional, reliable and an absolute pleasure to work with!"

Lauren Armes, CEO Welltodo

"Heather is a ninja when it comes to behaviour change, and a delight to work with. She has been invaluable to BetterSpace in working out how to nudge people into more mentally health lifestyles."



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