"Success is never a big step taken in the future, success is a small step taken right now"

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Case Studies

Below are three in-depth examples to display a range of my current and past consultancy work. I’d be happy to provide contact details of the relevant individuals for personal references.

British Lung Foundation (BLF) - Charity

The mission

Exercise is one of the key treatments for lung conditions yet many patients fail to maintain their exercise habits long term and thus their physical, mental and social health deteriorates. The mission was to support those with chronic lung conditions to engage in and maintain exercise and wellbeing habits so they could live longer and healthier lives.

My role

Create a national programme that supports those hardest to reach in engaging with their health and wellbeing to improve quality of life and long term outcomes.


  • I designed an evidence-based UK wide behaviour change programme that utilised the existing resources available to the communities for where it was intended.
  • Key activities involved a behavioural audit; insights mapping, user journey mapping, and focus group delivery.
  • Designing a process and outcome-based research evaluation to support the implementation and outcomes of the programme and support the research team in delivery.
  • Designing programme materials for delivery to ensure they are behaviour change consistent.
  • Designing an evidence-based train the trainer programme for the relevant local health care professionals to deliver.


  • Delivery of the UK wide training programme for local health care professionals in identified areas of high need.


  • A literature review of key enablers and barriers in the client cohort.
  • A literature review of best evidence-based behaviour change practices to embed in the programme.
  • Ongoing behaviour change consultancy support to both the BLF and trainers.
  • Designing course materials to contain behaviour change consistent language.


From the Client (BLF):

Heather provided invaluable knowledge and support to develop our Keep Active, Keep Well behaviour change programme. Her attention to detail and theory and evidence-based approach to the programme has enabled patients to become more physically active in a non-judgmental and patient-focused manner. Adherence to our programme three-month post start is 75% which is a fantastic retention figure given comparable NHS programmes (pulmonary rehabilitation) have a rate of 35-40% nationally. Patients love the programme and the approach to manage their health through exercise. Not only have patients praised the programme, but clinicians and delivery staff often comment on the style of the programme and how it engages patients more than most programmes:

"Feedback I have had from patients is that they’re empowered. They’ve felt like they could now actually make a difference to their health. I think they felt more control in their lung condition, rather than the lung condition controlling them" - NHS Physiotherapist
- Rebecca Jones Keep Active Keep well Project Manager, BLF

From the employees trained in the delivery of the KAKW programme:

"I really enjoyed Heather’s training and the relaxed, friendly atmosphere she created. The part I liked best – the application of behaviour change in a day to day setting to help people live healthier lives."
- Jackie, personal trainer and long term condition exercise specialist, GLL

From the participants:

"I’ve gone from darkness to light. Heather’s programme has helped me combat the depression, brought back my ability to be active. I feel like I have done a complete 180 and feel better than I have done in years." Natalie is now back at work, after having to quit her job in the city in 2013 because of her condition.
- Natalie, participant living with a long term lung condition

More information can be found here: https://www.blf.org.uk/your-stories/keep-active-keep-well-has-changed-my-life

Published on 9th Apr 2019 at 12:11 by Dr. Heather McKee


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