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Round up: Find the healthy habit that works best for you and overcome the barriers to habit change

Welcome to this months round up of all things healthy habits!

Bite Sized Habits Podcast
This month we shared episodes from the two Amy's!! If you want to get these episodes immediately as they come out you can choose how you listen to them click here. 

In episode 7 Finding the healthy habit that works for you. We learnt about the importance of experimentation and cultivating kindness to finding your healthy habits. You can listen now here

In episode 8 Trying to stick with your goals? Why Values matter! We learnt how to create a values mantra that can help guide our decisions when we feel conflicted about making the healthier choice. You can listen now here. 






Starting tonight!!! For all London based Habit Changers we are shortly kicking off our October Healthy Habit Series at the beautiful Gazelli House. This intimate, evidence-based, 3-part series will take participants on a journey through habit change from mental mindset to physical habits. Supporting those involved to break through their barriers for change and learn the key tactics they need to get the mindset for success and stick to their goals. You can find out the full details and dates of the Healthy Habits 3-part series and book your place here. 



Habit myths and how to change them:

Read the top three myths of habit change and how you can overcome these starting today!!


Finally, if you are interested in a healthy habit reboot. We are offering our new healthy habits Kickstarter package throughout October.

This one off 60-minute skype based session is for people who want a quick habit health check. Maybe you've found you're working too much, not managing your time effectively, aren't eating well or looking after yourself, or it may be that your routine is simply non-existent. This session will allow you to examine the key barriers that are holding you back and build initial strategies to breakthrough these barriers and get your life back on track. 

Simply email me at info@drheathermckee.co.uk to find out more.


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Published on 2nd Oct 2018 at 07:00 by Heather McKee

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The Bite Sized Habits Podcast

The Bite Sized Habits Podcast is all about serving up bite sized, digestible evidence-based guidance from top health and behaviour change experts and some inspirational real life stories to help you to get the mindset for success and stay there.

What people are saying about The Habit Changer programme:

"You were put in my path for a reason. Over the course of our sessions a light bulb went off with me!!! That’s when it all changed for the better."
- Orla

"This programme is different from everything else you’ve ever done. It wasn’t just loads of advice. I liked learning and thinking about my goals – it wasn’t about someone else, it was about me specifically. We all know what we need to do, we need to exercise more and eat better but this was a different approach, it was empowering. Doing the programme was a light bulb moment for me, it became 100% obvious to me where I had failed in the past and what. I should do in the future. I feel so much more in control of my weight now but not only that I feel stronger, more relaxed and happier."
- Cathy

"It’s a different way of thinking a different perspective. All diets fail this isn’t a diet it’s different. It’s a lifestyle change it helps look at the behaviours behind why you eat rather than just solving the symptoms. It shows you if you take small but deliberate actions what the cumulative changes would be . I certainly feel positive I’m heading in the right direction. This isn’t a quick fix its looking at your motivation – changing your mindset and that helps change your behaviours."
- Colm


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