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Healthy holiday habits week 1

Balancing weight loss goals and the fun that Christmas brings can be tricky.

WeightlossIQ is here to help!

Welcome to healthy holiday habits week 1.

Over the Christmas period, I will be sharing 24 days worth of healthy holiday habit insights to help you find this balance and stay on track with your goals without missing out on all the season has to offer.
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Healthy holiday habits 1:

Reduce variety. When navigating the buffet, research shows it is better to examine all of the options first before digging in. By asking yourself what the best options are for you or picking the ones that you like most it makes it much less likely you will overeat in comparison to when you can choose from all of the options.

Healthy holiday habits 2:

Go with the 80/20 rule, try to eat healthy most of the time. For example if you know you are going to be eating out a lot try your best to have a healthy breakfast and lunch and move more in between. Read more on the best breakfasts to help you resist temptation throughout the rest of the day here

Healthy holiday habits 3:

Turn your back on temptation. Sitting further away from a buffet table or with your back to the table is best to resist multiple trips. Keeping unhealthy foods out of sight off kitchen counters and office desks makes it much less likely you will indulge.

Healthy holiday habits 4:

Consider your plate size: Research into buffet eating practice showed that those with healthier eating practices used smaller plates. Go for the smallest plate you can find. Using smaller diameter plates i.e. 10 inch vs. 12 inch can save 60 kcal per meal (or 22,000 kcal per year!)

Healthy holiday habits 5:

Sleep can help you resist temptation. Given the effects of poor sleep, on appetite and overeating it is vital that we look to stick to this foundational habit this time of year. You can read more on the links between sleep and weight loss here.

Healthy holiday habits 6:

Consider your glass shape and size. You will serve yourself 12% less wine in tall glasses than in wider glasses. Research has shown that even top level bartenders pour 20-30% more in short glasses than tall ones.

Healthy holiday habits 7:

Chew. Research shows that chewing more slowly sends signals to your brain that you are full and therefore can help you eat less.

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Published on 8th Dec 2017 at 10:10 by Dr. Heather McKee

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