Guest Podcast: How To Build Healthy, High-Vibe Habits for Life with Amy Rushworth

Amy is a dear friend of mine and it was a delight to be invited onto her podcast to talk about my favourite subject - healthy habits. She's a total inspiration in terms of her positivity and confidence, and we talked about so much. A few highlights to mention are:

- The relationship between self-kindness and behaviour change
- Understanding that your environment is more influential than willpower or discipline
- Focussing on your values - they are key to creating lasting habits and finding happiness
- Why it's important to stop restricting and start replacing, identifying habit triggers along the way
- Techniques for making healthy changes

The key message in this podcast is that choosing healthy habits shouldn't be a punishment. You can find lifelong habits that bring you joy. Which is what this podcast is full of. I hope you enjoy it. 

To find out more about Amy or to listen to more of her podcasts, click here: https://www.

Published on 13th Jan 2020 at 14:57 by Dr Heather McKee

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