Episode 4: (Part 2) How to Establish a System of Habits

In part 1 of Martins story we looked at how he journeyed from a sedentary lifestyle into a healthy habits master. In the second part of this episode (listen time 25 mins), we look at the key healthy habits he established to maintain his health long term and how he focused on enjoyment and structure to get him there.

His insights are really valuable in understanding some of the lifestyle shifts people go through when creating habits that last. Not all of what he applied will work for you however I encourage you to think about his journey in terms of how he sets about key foundations for long term habit change.

In this episode he discusses:

·         How he introduced other healthy routines over time, for example sleep, drinking more water.

·         The importance of keeping it simple and looking at what worked best for him

·         How valuable tracking is to establish long term success (You can read more about the power of self monitoring and how to create this habit here)

·         How to balance a number of healthy habits at once to find the routine that works best for you

·         How long it took for him to create his habit system change

·         Why weight loss wasn’t his ultimate goal

Finally, he finishes up with a list of the key resources he used to help build his habits. The full list of resources can be found here. However if you are interested in habit change and the science behind it, as a starting point, I thoroughly recommend: The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

I hope you enjoy Martin's honest and valuable insights on how to create a healthy habit system that works for you.

Published on 19th Jun 2018 at 06:00 by Dr Heather McKee


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