Episode 20: Can you step away from judging yourself on your inability to stick to a diet?

Overcoming emotional eating

As a weight management specialist in the NHS Dr Claire Lane spent years researching the best ways to support people to lose weight.

In this episode, Claire talks about;

How diets are ineffective (only less than 5% of the population succeed at dieting).

The importance of stepping away from judging ourselves on our inability to stick to a diet. And how we need to focus more on the tools that enable us to make healthier choices more naturally.


One such choice is through mindful eating.


In this episode, Claire describes the benefits of mindful eating and how you can cultivate your own mindful eating habit.


In this episode you will learn:

•    Why advice-giving is ineffective for making healthy lifestyle changes

•    How we can harness the power of mindful eating to help us manage emotional eating habits


Questions to ask yourself for enhancing your own personal habit changes based on this episode are:


•    How can you become more aware of when you eat emotionally?


•    What are the particular foods you choose to eat out of comfort and why do you choose these foods?


•    How can you better listen to what your body needs at that time?


I strongly suggest you pause the podcast at the point where you can listen to the exercise where Claire describes how to eat mindfully.


This is a hugely valuable episode for anyone who feels they eat emotionally.


What I love about Claire’s approach is that she helps people let go of the shame and judgement around emotional eating and instead encourages you to be more compassionate about what your body needs at that time.


I hope you enjoy this episode on overcoming emotional eating with Dr Claire Lane.

Published on 29th Jul 2021 at 12:00 by Heather McKee

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