Episode 19: The importance of embracing our vulnerability

The importance of embracing our vulnerability

Life coach, personal trainer, meditation teacher, and positive mental health advocate Ben gives us a lesson in the importance of cultivating positive mental health habits.

Ben aka the naked professor is a champion of the need for us all, in particular men to become more in touch with ourselves, care less about what others think of us and be proud of our vulnerabilities.

In this episode, Ben teaches us how he got out of his head and stepped into his true self and the roadblocks he experienced along the way.

In this episode you will learn:

• The importance of routine

• How honesty is the cornerstone to building healthy habits

• How to become more aware of the power of our thoughts

Key questions to ask yourself based on this episode include:

• How can you be more honest with yourself?
• How can you learn to check in with yourself and notice how what your feeling can be guiding your actions?

• What limiting beliefs do you hold and what can you do to overcome these?

The power of allowing ourselves to be vulnerable is so often overlooked. I love what Ben represents in terms of empowering people, in particular men, to embrace their vulnerability, overcome their limiting beliefs and ultimately feel free to be themselves.

I hope you enjoy this episode on The importance of embracing our vulnerability with the naked professor, Ben.


You can find Bens website and podcast here:

Published on 3rd Dec 2019 at 10:30 by Heather McKee


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