Episode 17: Why we don't need fixing

Why we don’t need fixing

Having worked in addictions for years behaviour change specialist and bestselling author Shahroo wanted to find a way to translate key behaviour change theory into an accessible format that could be used by her clients and be easy to apply to their everyday lives.

In this episode we discuss:

·      Shahroo’s top habit tip that she implements every day to help her overcome challenging situations

·      How forearmed is forewarned – having a plan of action is key

·      Why guidance is much more valuable than opinion

Questions to ask yourself based on this episode:

·      Can you become aware of your negative self-talk? And start to think about rewriting your own more encouraging script?

·      What three things will test me today? Can you jot down just three things and come up with ways in which you’d like to behave in response to them? For example, how will you deal with a difficult colleague? When temptation crops up?


It was so fun talking with Shahroo, and I’m not kidding when I say her book is jam-packed with incredibly effective ways in which to reflect on and improve your own habits. I know you will find today's conversation an interesting insight into how to cultivate kindness habits now!



The Kindness Habit book that I frequently recommend to clients can be found here!

Shahroo's website can be found here: https://shahrooizadi.co.uk/


Published on 4th Sep 2019 at 17:01 by Heather McKee

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