Episode 16: Can you make peace of mind a priority?

Can you make peace of mind a priority?

“Set peace of mind as your highest goal, and organize your life around it.”

Brian Tracy

Having suffered from anxiety for over 10 years. Chloe knew a thing or two about the importance of making her mental health a priority. Having trained as a hypnotherapist she wanted a way to be able to share all that she learnt, to help others know that change is possible. So she founded calmer you, to help people bring out the calm and self-assured person within them.

In this episode, we talk about the key tactics she uses with both her clients and herself to make positive mental health a priority, overcome longstanding barriers, and ultimately help them let go of negative thoughts and worries and get back to enjoying their lives.


In this 20 minute episode we discuss:

·      How making your mental health a priority is key

·      How busy is a decision

·      Why boundaries are important to your mental health


Questions to ask yourself:

·      Do you know what your boundaries are? Can you say no when you need to? When these boundaries are tested can you ask yourself what is best for me? What do I want from this?

·      Can you schedule some worry time for yourself? Can you note down worries throughout the day, then set aside some time to focus on them. Noting any strategies that you feel may help you manage them? 

I just loved Chloe’s insights as I know she really walks her talk. And she shares loads of helpful exercises in this episode, many of which I went off to implement straight away so I know you are going to get a huge amount of value from this bite-sized habits episode with the wonderful Chloe Brotheridge.


You can find out all about Chloe's amazing work at: https://www.calmer-you.com/

You can get her latest books here (these are jam-packed with actionable insights to kickstart your journey to being the most confident and calm version of yourself)


Published on 4th Sep 2019 at 09:38 by Heather McKee


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