Episode 13: Can you take just one breath?

Can you take just one breath?

It was a major health scare that was the catalyst for Terrence’s journey into mindful living.

A sceptic at first Terrence wasn’t sure meditation was for him, he didn’t even know how to go about it.  However, a chance meeting with a practitioner sparked his curiosity, all it took was one mindful breath and Terrence was hooked. This lead to years of practice, integration, learning, teaching, and research which as a result has not only has brought him down a new career path but has had a transformative impact on both his physical and mental health too.

In this episode, Terrence talks about the science behind how meditation affects our thought patterns, how it can become habitual and how to find pockets of mindfulness in our day. Terrence translates this evidence into actionable ways in which we can start to bring more breath, more meditation and more mindfulness into our daily lives.

What is really special about Terrence’s work is that he takes meditation out of the clouds and into everyday life. He supports us in integrating mindfulness into our normal routines in a way that results in a whole host of benefits including; reducing stress, anxiety, emotional eating, strengthening our immune system to ultimately enhancing the joy we get from our day to day experiences.


In this episode we discuss

  • How you can overcome the common obstacles that prevent you from engaging in a mindfulness practice
  • How to integrate mindfulness into your day, including how you can even catch a mindful moment whilst rushing to a meeting
  • How a repeated mindfulness practice can lead to permanent changes in your physiological state

Key questions to consider based on this episode:


·      Can you take in one breath?


Terrence has an amazing way of going back to basics, stripping away all the noise and helping support us in creating a mindfulness practice that unique to each individual yet best serves our busy lives. If you’ve ever felt like meditation wasn’t for you I hope this conversation sparks your curiosity about how you could adopt some of these elements into your own life.

How you can find out more about Terrence’s work:


The chatbot we discussed and that I thoroughly recommend is:




You can find out more here:






Other resources mentioned:


The Biology of Belief




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Published on 27th Apr 2019 at 11:26 by Heather McKee

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