Blog: How to find delight, joy and kindness in your healthy habits.

Bite Sized Habits: How to find delight, joy and kindness in your healthy habits. What to eat to support your healthy habits, behaviour change myths and how diets lead to weight gain. 

Welcome to this month's Bite Sized Habits Insights.

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This month you:

·  Learned more about how to find delight in your healthy habits

·  Were inspired by Shelia's story on how to shift the last few pounds without dieting

·  And started to build a kindness habit that supports your long term health goals

Top 5 research insights on building healthy habits that last

We also shared some key research insights to help support your healthy habits:

  1. Habit change: Instead of trying to get rid of an old habit, can you replace it with a new healthier habit instead? Research shows the more we try to resist something the more its likely to persist. So instead of fighting and resisting a bad habit, can you do one small thing in its place?
  2. What/how to eat: A straight talking non nonsense approach to all you ever needed to know about specific diets, what is most effective nutritionally and the evidence to back this up.
  3. Dieting = weight gain: Great research supporting the fact that we should give up dieting as it is ineffective and ultimately leads to weight gain.  The researchers found that having normal eating habits where you don’t feel deprived or restricted is what is key to long term success. Yay!
  4. How to resist temptation: This article lists some key actionable, evidence based insights into how to help you resist temptation by avoiding relying on willpower 
  5. Behaviour change myths: Amazing slide share on the 10 myths of behaviour change and what to do about them, some surprising finds in there! 

Finding joy in your healthy habits. This month, I was also featured in an interview by Detox Kitchen, where I talked about the importance of finding joy in your healthy habits.

P.S. We are also looking for new Bite Sized Habits Podcast guests. If you would like some free coaching or have a healthy habit success story that you wish to share to inspire other listeners please email me here

Published on 27th Apr 2018 at 15:45 by Dr Heather McKee

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