Bite Sized Habits Newsflash - The Behavioural Science behind Goal Progress

“First, we make our habits, then our habits make us​”

John Dryden

Something to watch

This is a bit nerdy but for those interested in the behavioural science behind goal progress, this video demonstrates the goal gradient hypothesis which shows that motivation increases the closer we get to an accomplishment or reward. One way we harness this to our advantage is by structuring our goals with the gold gradient in mind. Not starting out with a mountain to climb (i.e. setting ourselves up with a huge goal) but rather we can give ourselves small quick easy tasks/wins to do first that make us feel a sense of progress towards a goal (e.g. having a healthy breakfast, running for 1 minute walking for 1 minute, meditating for 1 instead of 10 minutes). Think about ways you can help yourself feel like you’ve already had a kickstart at your goals.

(6 minutes)

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I had an absolute blast chatting to the Well Far podcast about what it takes to create excise habits last. You can listen here on Apple and here on Spotify.​ (50 minutes)


Bite Sized Habit of the week

One question to ask yourself right now... ​​

What if?

What if we decided not for a month or a week but rather maybe even just for the rest of today or even the next hour, to give up the inner judge, the inner critic, and instead decide that everything is good enough as it is. No need to grasp, struggle or strive or judge yourself against some imaginary criteria.....

If you feel like you'd like to dive into how you can really embed healthy habits, check out the Bite Sized Habits course.

Have a great week!


Published on 14th Feb 2022 at 10:00 by Dr Heather McKee

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