Bite Sized Habit Newsflash: Top tips for good habits

"The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine."

Mike Murdoch


If you keep trying the same things but expect different results, maybe it's time to reframe your thinking? Here are a few ideas to consider...

Something to read

I love this researcher's evidence-based approach to health and nutrition that goes far beyond calorie counting and weighing yourself but rather looks at your relationship with yourself.

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Straight from fabulous people at The Detox Kitchen, my feature article highlights what we tend to ignore when we think of weight loss which is our approach and the process of change. Crucially we often fail to consider maintaining lifestyle changes over time. This article sheds light on the key to behavioural changes, and what strategies we can use to adhere to new ways of eating.

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Something to try

Become curious about failure‚Äč: In one of my previous research studies, we found that those who were unsuccessful at sticking to their healthy habits often aba doned their goal as they felt so bad about giving in to temptation. They felt that if they didn’t implement their healthy habits perfectly, then why bother at all?! In contrast, studies into healthy habit maintenance have found that those who are most successful at sticking to their healthy habits, have a different outlook on failure. Once they did something that was contradictory to their goals, rather than beat themselves up about it, they looked to learn from it. Once they gave in to temptation and strayed from their goals, they became curious as to why this had happened. Rather than berate themselves for a lack of willpower, they understood that this lapse in healthy behavious was temporary and after examining why they had strayed, they then moved on. One thing you can do today to help you understand your habits better is to start a temptation tracker examining what throws you off track of your valued goal, what triggered it, and when and where you were tempted – you’d be surprised to see that the same things crop up time and again. Then create an alternative plan in response to those triggers. For example, If it’s an emotional trigger that throws you off track, say you eat in response to stress, ask, yourself “Is there an alternative option here to manage my stress?” If it’s an environment-based trigger, say you go to go out for a run but it’s raining ask yourself, “what alternative exercise can I do when this happens?” Life is imperfect and therefore we need to know how to cope with things when they don’t go to plan. It is important to make mistakes every now and again, so you can learn how to bounce back from them and continue with your healthy habit goals. A huge part of successful habit change is about giving yourself space for failure, actually accepting that failure is part of your success. If you're looking for a research-backed way of creating lasting healthy habits. One that's kinder, more empowering and more fun than anything you've tried before then the Bite Sized Habits course could be for you. Doors are now open for you to join us now. 

If you're looking for a research-backed way of creating lasting healthy habits, one that's kinder, more empowering and more fun than anything you've tried before then, why not sign up for the FREE Small Changes, Big Results masterclass! Click here to access it now: FREE Habits Masterclass


Published on 20th May 2021 at 09:00 by Dr Heather McKee

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