Bite Sized Habit Newsflash: Healthy Habit Tips

"Be not afraid of going slowly, be afraid only of standing still."

Chinese Proverb

Change doesn't need to be difficult and painful. To make lasting change we need to be mindful in our approach, set realistic goals and enjoy the process. Here's a few things that might inspire you to make a small change...


Something to read

I absolutely loved this piece on the neuroscience of connection and what we can do right now to feel more connected to others. It talks about how your brain regulates what's happening in your body at every moment in your life (which is an important wake-up call in terms of stress management) but goes on to detail how language, gestures even the sound of someone's voice can all help support us at this difficult time. 

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Something to watch

Fostering deeper connections is a huge aspect of our health and happiness but is so often overlooked. Dr Roxy teaches us how to create better bonds with the people that matter to us.

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Bite Sized Habit Tip - Take it one step at a time‚Äč

We assume that if we want to make big changes to our health that we have to suffer for it. After setting a new goal, we become really motivated, we promise to go to the gym every day, cut down sugar, to meditate twice a day, … the list goes on. Pursuing all these goals at once, tends to put us under unnecessary pressure where we feel we have to make so many changes and do them perfectly without any slip-ups, otherwise, it’s all been in vain. Approaching your goals in this way uses up your willpower and ultimately makes you less likely to succeed. Instead of trying to do everything at once, why not focus on making one small change and doing that consistently? On the Bite Sized Habits course, people set themselves one goal each week; planning a healthy snack at 4pm to avoid the biscuit slump, or aiming to walk 100 more steps on each day. Each time you achieve it you get a sense of satisfaction and this spurs you on to stick with it. You can then step it up gradually over time.


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Published on 22nd Apr 2021 at 09:24 by Dr Heather McKee

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