"I am hugely passionate about translating the evidence so that you can use research driven methods to make effective and sustainable changes to your health...starting today. That's why I love speaking, as it allows the audience immediate access to the most effective ways to change their health for the better."

Are you looking for a speaker who both understands the research, and can communicate it in a way that is easily digestable for everyone?

I focus on ensuring my talks are easy to understand, relevant to my audience and a thoroughly enjoyable experience. 

Keynote Topics

Standalone workshops

The Art and Science of Motivation

  • The science behind making your health goals last
  • Evidence-based ways to create meaningful goals and overcome your longstanding barriers to change
  • How to stop making the same resolutions and start taking sustainable steps

Self-care in a Frantic World; how self-kindness gets you to your goals faster and helps you stay there longer

  • The science behind why kindness is a cornerstone habit to all that we do
  • How critical self-talk can undermine personal productivity and happiness
  • How to overcome negative self-talk and personal image to be more effective and driven in your life

Intelligent Eating; a journey from mindless to mindful eating

  • Learn how distracted eating might be affecting your health;
  • How to differentiate between emotional and physical hunger (and what to do about it)
  • Evidence-based mindful eating practice to incorporate into your work day

By the end of each workshop, participants will leave having created their personal habit blueprint to support the longevity of their own healthy habit journey.

3-part motivation series

  • Session 1: The Science of Motivation I - building habit skills
  • Session 2: The Science of Motivation II - it’s your environment that counts
  • Session 3: The Science of Motivation III - The art of creating lasting change

Other Keynote topics include:

Habit Change

  • How to get the mindset for success and stay there
  • Build healthier habits in 7 steps
  • How to break bad habits and make new healthier ones
  • How to manage your weight without dieting
  • The willpower myth

Workplace wellbeing

  • How to harness behaviour change psychology to create lasting changes in your workplace
  • Workplace wellbeing, what works to change health behaviours?
  • Workplace wellbeing how to support a wellbeing programme to help make it last

"We recently had Dr. Heather McKee in to speak to a group about “Small changes, big results. How to create healthy habits that last all of 2018” and I couldn’t recommend it enough. Heather was very informative and very interesting. Her interactive approach made the room feel very welcome and comfortable to ask questions. She is highly engaging with the room and her use of handouts in the room makes the process easy to work through. It is great to get some actual live practise in the room using the worksheet. Heather was very motivating and made the session very interesting for everyone. I would recommend her sessions as her steps to personal development are very thought provoking and easy to follow."

Barbara Hoey, International Financial Services

"Heather is a very natural and talented speaker who speaks with warmth and a genuine passion for her subject. Heather is always a delight to work with - very professional, engaging and a true expert in her field. Heather is extremely passionate about helping others and manages to take quite complicated scientific research and make it easy and accessible to all."

Rebecca Fairbrother, Founder, Well Aware

"Heather delivered a perfect, succinct, workshop. Heather was great - it was all digestible and really helpful. After a long day at work, a powerful hour was perfect."

Phoebe, MOS

"I just wanted to say big thank you again for the talk yesterday. I really struggle with being kind to myself, and accepting that what I do or what achieve is enough, even more so since becoming a parent (4years ago) I always think I need to do more. Putting change into practice is really hard for me, but small steps to get there! After your inspiration, I bought a little ‘happy jar’ from one of the stalls yesterday, with little notes to read each day. I shared these with my daughter this morning and she was so eager to read them with me"

Katy, Rituals Science of Kindness talk

"I attended the happy place festival today and listened to your first talk of the day and just wanted to let you know how moved I was by it. I work as a CBT therapist in CAMHS and really surprised myself how emotional I got listening to your talk. Really thought-provoking and definitely made me reflect on the lack of kindness I give to myself. Thank you"

Emelie, Happy Place Festival

"This talk, it's given me hope. I was trying to hard to be happy not realising the small joys all around me"

Sophie, The Art and Science of Kindness workshop

"Your healthy habits workshop helped me learn the habits to bring happiness into my day"

Anna, Healthy Habits workshop

"Many thanks for this and your excellent workshop Heather! It absolutely landed with me and has given me a lot to think about."

Sarah, Rituals event

"Heather presented in a very relaxed manner in a way I really felt I could relate with her. She supported me to take a completely different attitude to instilling new habits."

Small changes, big results talk, Havas

"Really informative, engaging, interactive and relevant to my everyday life, the speaker really knew her stuff!"

The Science of Motivation talk, La Salle


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