Are you ready to transform your health and live a life that you enjoy at the same time?

So you’ve tried every diet, workout programme and nutrition plan? You find that you stick to them rigidly from the start but then a couple of weeks or months in, things just fall apart... sound familiar?
It’s not that you are failing, it’s your plan that is failing you! The good news-there is an antidote to the modern dieting dilemma; it comes in the form of science-backed, skill-based behaviour change coaching.

The Habit Changer

One to One Behaviour Change Coaching Programme

You should control your health, not the other way around.

Do you want to forget about dieting and restriction? Do you want a happier, healthier way of living, for the rest of your life?

If so this bespoke programme will help you do just that. This is not a one size fits all approach. I will personally guide you for 6 weeks using evidence-based coaching strategies that are specifically selected and tailored for your health goals. In this way you can gain back the balance, the freedom and ultimately be in control of your health.

Here is what you should expect when you sign up to the research-backed Habit Changer programme:


  • Consultation: You will get a free 20-minute consultation to understand your key barriers to success and to see if the programme is the right fit for you*.
  • Insight: You will receive your personalised Habit Quantification report – an insight into your current behaviours and an overview of the key skills you need to build for long-term success.
  • Plan: You will receive your own 6-week research backed Habit Changer plan, specifically tailored to your goals and your lifestyle.
  • Sessions: You will receive 6 personal consultation sessions. Each one is a 60-minute phone or Skype consultation directly with me.
  • Weekly report: You will receive a weekly summary of your goals and the latest research to support you in making habits that last.
  • Maintenance: To support your ongoing habit change you will also get a bespoke maintenance plan and an additional 3 month follow up phone maintenance session, 20 minutes in length.



  • You can expect a complete mindset shift around weight loss and your health behaviours.
  • You will get an in-depth insight into your own behaviours and what drives your current habits
  • You will build research-backed skills to resist temptation
  • You will develop systems that over time make the healthier choice, the easier choice for you

*Please note: I currently work with only a handful of clients who want to take back ownership of their health. Therefore this programme is only relevant for those who want to quit dieting, learn how to carve out a more balanced lifestyle and get the skills they need for long-term success. This is why I do a free 20-minute phone consultation in order to help understand if this programme is the right fit for you.

Please do get in touch to learn more only if you are willing to commit to creating this intelligently balanced approach in your life. You can instantly book your free 20-minute session here

Transform your weight loss outlook and get the mindset for success now.

What people are saying about The Habit Changer programme:

"You were put in my path for a reason. Over the course of our sessions a light bulb went off with me!!! That’s when it all changed for the better."
- Orla

"This programme is different from everything else you’ve ever done. It wasn’t just loads of advice. I liked learning and thinking about my goals – it wasn’t about someone else, it was about me specifically. We all know what we need to do, we need to exercise more and eat better but this was a different approach, it was empowering. Doing the programme was a light bulb moment for me, it became 100% obvious to me where I had failed in the past and what. I should do in the future. I feel so much more in control of my weight now but not only that I feel stronger, more relaxed and happier."
- Cathy

"It’s a different way of thinking a different perspective. All diets fail this isn’t a diet it’s different. It’s a lifestyle change it helps look at the behaviours behind why you eat rather than just solving the symptoms. It shows you if you take small but deliberate actions what the cumulative changes would be . I certainly feel positive I’m heading in the right direction. This isn’t a quick fix its looking at your motivation – changing your mindset and that helps change your behaviours."
- Colm


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