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How does The Habit Changer programme work?

Instead of relying on your willpower and how much you can deprive yourself, this programme focuses on intelligent, kind and thoughtful skill and habit building, in order to get you in the mindset for success and keep you there.

The Habit Changer works in the following way:

  • Consultation: You will get a free 20-minute consultation to understand your key barriers to success and to see if the programme is the right fit for you*.
  • Insight: You will receive your personalised habit report – an insight into your current behaviours and an overview of the key skills you need to build for long-term success.
  • Plan: You will receive your own 6-week research backed Habit Changer plan, specifically tailored to your goals and your lifestyle.
  • Sessions: You will receive 6 personal consultation sessions. Each one is a 60-minute phone or Skype consultation directly with me.
  • Weekly report: You will receive a weekly summary of your goals and the latest research to support you in making habits that last.
  • Maintenance: To support your ongoing habit change you will also get a bespoke maintenance plan and an additional 3 month follow up phone maintenance session, 20 minutes in length.

Additionally, once you set out on the Habit Changer programme you are not alone, I am here to support you with any challenges or struggles you are having.

*Please note: I currently work with only a handful of clients who want to take back ownership of their health. Therefore this programme is only relevant for those who want to quit dieting, learn how to carve out a more balanced lifestyle and get the skills they need for long-term success. This is why I do a free 20-minute phone consultation in order to help understand if this programme is the right fit for you.


What sort of results should I expect?

I do not encourage you to look at weight loss results alone – that would be short-sighted and irresponsible of me. The research has shown that focusing on weight loss on the scales alone is increasingly thought to have a negative impact on your weight loss success. It frequently results in food preoccupation, weight cycling between loss and regain, and crucially, it distracts you from your personal inherent healthy lifestyle goals. This programme is much more than weight loss alone. I focus on improving your habits, confidence, self-esteem and the key skills that will lead to your success.

Results from the Habit Changer:

  • You can expect a complete mindset shift around weight loss and your health behaviours.
  • You will get an in-depth insight into your own behaviours and what drives your current habits
  • You will build research backed skills to resist the temptation
  • You will develop systems that over time make the healthier choice, the easier choice for you

How much weight will I lose and how quickly?

If you’re looking for a quick weight loss fix this isn’t for you. The evidence shows quick fixes result in long-term weight gain. You should not trust any programme that promises transformational, overnight results. These are bad for your physical and psychological health. Aggressive lifestyle changes are for fast and temporary results only. By nature, they are difficult and uncomfortable to make and even more impossible to sustain. In contrast, this programme helps you by finding things that work for you, which sets you up for a life-time of healthy habits.

I don’t believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach because we are all different! We will all apply the programme in different ways and therefore get different results. If you engage with the programme you will get results.

Why will this work for me if nothing else has?

You’ve tried particular diets and exercise regimes before. You find that you stick to them rigidly from the start and then a couple of weeks or months in, things just fall apart. You end up feeling like you’ve failed at weight loss and wondering if anything will ever work for you?

This is not good for your health! In fact it has been shown to lead to weight gain in the long run. My programmes are designed to help you find out what works for you and how you can be successful.

This isn’t a short-term solution, it’s about gaining real insight into your behaviours. Knowing this, you will understand what drives your habits and what the changes are that you need to make, as well as what strategies will work best for you.

In this way you can gain back the balance, the freedom and ultimately control of your health.

Other Questions

What happens in a free 20 minute habit discovery call?

This will be a 20 minute phone call where we will look at what you’re doing now, what’s working and what’s not working for you, and plan your next steps.

If you’ve struggled to get the mindset you need for success or to maintain that mindset, I want to share with you some evidence based systems to take back control of your healthy and build healthy habits that last. This session is about you and your goals, however at the end of the session, if you choose to, you are also welcome to ask me any questions about my programmes.

What is a personalised habits report and how will it help me?

The results of this report can help you find out how much self control you have, how mindful you are, if you are an emotional eater, or more vulnerable to temptation in certain situations and crucially the key strategies you need to build for weight loss success. I personally anaylise each report and send you your bespoke results and next steps.

Click here now to receive your FREE personalised habit report.

Couldn't find the answer for your question here? Please, do get in touch with me and I will be happy to provide more details.

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